~I’m a Faun !~

Hey peeps :3,
I’m finally a Faun! I completed my look and im very very happy with it.
It was not easy to find the right ears and all, but im happy with the final result!

This post is very important to me, because of the few things from Kre-ations.
I got this very very beautiful outfit from there and I really love the antlers. There is so much detail in it and the textures are so great. Thank you very very much Kreao! I really love all of your creations and I hope there will be more in the future 🙂

~Wandering through Kawaii Fair was also great but a bit frustrating to see that some creators or people dont understand what kawaii really means.~
I got the cute little earing from there, only slightly visible but its there 😀

Making poses costs so much time and I made a few only for this post. I hope you like them, it’s not easy to make them look natural. But i got a great idea and made that pose with my little birdie, (which is from the lovely Maia Corvus Monedula, creator of Magic no Magic, and a really good friend <3) sitting on my hand. I think it turned out really lovely.

I want to say a special thank you to Circe Ishtari (creator of Tokyo.Girl) who sent me that lovely Skin. Its so detailed and seamless, I just love it so much! ❤
I’ll list all the things im wearing in the credits, feel free to contact me inworld if you need to know something!



Skin: Tokyo.Girl – Amelia Natural
Shape: ?Need Shapes – Cerise Shape (thank you Eden <3)
Eyes: Al Vulo! – Ultraviolet eyes
Makeup: :[P] (The Plastik) – Pattern Makeup Leaf
Glasses: [kik] – Gatcha megane leaf C (20L per play)
Ears: [][]Trap[][] – Gelf Ears
Hair: [e] – Sound – Carrot reds 05
Bird!: .:Magic no Magic:. – Shoulder Pet Maia Biird Tropicalia (Promo in shop)
Antlers: .::Kre-ations::. – Hymn of the Nature Horns
Outfit: .::Kre-ations::. – Hymn of the Nature~ Leaf
Mouthie: .::Kre-ations::. – Spring Token (Flower Pedals Hunt)
Spots: .:: PaPiLLoN Design ::.- ReinDEER SpoTs TaTToo (only marketplace)
Feet: *{ SeVered GarDeN }* – Bare Feet – AUTUMN
Earrings1: .:Magic no Magic:. – Animated Pygmy Biird Cage Earrings
Earring2: PP (Pure Poison) – Cloud Kawaii Earrings (at Kawaii Fair 2013)
Necklace1: MONS – Reindeer Necklace (green) (from the With Love Hunt)
Necklace2: Sweet Lies – Aruma Dreamcatcher Necklace (available in the Aruma Outfit)
Ring: qbee – Stylish Pearl Flower Ring (comes only with the Lupine shape for the Night of the Wolf hunt)
Hairaccesoire: qbee – Pearl hairpin (group gift)

Bow: Torvis Weapons – Hatili Bow

Special Credits: Location: Wonderoaks by Mys Tigerpaw (thank you for letting me do photos there!!)


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