~Sweet Lies Designs #2~

Hey everyone,

at first I’m really sry that my last Blogpost was so long ago but I had to deal with several things in my Real Life.

But today I want to show you a very sweet Outfit from Hadarah Steamer, the Creator and Owner of Sweet Lies Designs.

The Outfit is called Virginia and comes in two colors. I show you the black version first.

Sweet Lies Virginia Outfit_1editIt comes with everything you can imagine: The dress itself in several sizes and two Versions. A shirt that you can wear if you want, and sleeves for the arms, also optional.

I really love the Wine version too, so here it is !

Sweet Lies_Virginia Outfit_2editEvery Outfit also comes with a Hat. I really like it and it makes it look so complete. The whole Design reminds me of the Victorian Age, but can also fit to Steampunk.

Its a brandnew design ! If youre interested and want to get it check her shop !!






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