My Diary#6 ~Magic no Magic~

Heya !

The wonderful Maia Corvus Monedula, owner and creator of the .:Magic no Magic:. shop, released her blogger / newbies package and I’m very pleased to introduce it to you all ! It’s called “New Thought” and comes with a cute blue dress with little fluffy clouds on it.

My Diary#6_1edit

It comes in 5 sizes ranging from XL to XS. You can get it on the marketplace or at her wonderful boutique ! Its priced at 199L$ which is really a great price. You should really support her and give it a try :3

As a special it also has very cute Rainbow freckles and a wonderful headdress with crystals and eagle feathers !

My Diary#6_4edit

The whole outfit is very well done and shows again her amazing work. I really  enjoy talking and working with you Maia ^-^, I hope we will have a lot of fun in the future.

Thats it for today, feel free to leave me feedback or advices, i really appreciate it !!

My Diary#6_2edit


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