My Diary#5 ~Tokyo Girl in pink :3~

Hey everyone \^_^/

Today I show you a few pretty things from Tokyo.Girl !!

Circe Ishtari gave them to me and I really want to blog about it ^-^. First of all the really pretty eyes, they come from the “Eye Set 7 doll” and are pink with a green outer ring. I really love them and they are my favourite eyes I got so far ❤ Together with my Antlers/Jackalope ears in the Adored limited 50 version from +Half-Deer+, they turn out to be really cute. The Antlers are limited to 50 and are not longer available. I was lucky that I got them in time a few weeks ago.

My Diary#5_2edit My Diary#5_3edit
My top is also from Tokyo.Girl and is simply called “Asymetric Tube Top”, the color is white /pink. I combined it with my favourite socks I mentioned in an earlier post and again used one of my favourite skin (also from Tokyo.Girl :D) Yasmin NT. Visit Circe Ishtaris blog if you want to see more of here creations and want to support her 🙂

My Diary#5_1edit
If you got questions or advices and tips just IM me ingame or leave me a notecard 🙂 >click here or add it inworld in your browser<



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